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iStart Personal Jump Pack PDF iStart link

iStart Li-Ion Power Pack
Description Part Number
iStart Li-Ion Portable Power Pack 604039
  • Hand-held compact power supply with jump start capability
  • Battery capacity is 44.4 WH
  • Rechargeable through both AC and DC power sources
  • Built-in safety protection to prevent
    overcharging and over discharging
  • Automatically turns off when not in use
  • Jump start Gasoline Engines in ATV’s, motorcycles,
    cars or trucks (NOT recommended for large diesel applications)
  • 5V USB® power outlet for mobile phones and devices
  • Approximate charge times for cell phones - about 1 hour
  • 19V power port for Laptops or notebooks
  • Approximate charge times for laptop or notebook - 2 to 3 hours
  • Approximate times as power supply for
    laptops or notebooks - 1 hour
  • 12V power outlet for portable DVD’s, cameras or gaming devices
  • Bright LED flashlight, strobe light and
    S.O.S. distress light modules built-in
Size W: 75mm L: 160mm D: 28mm
Weight 430g
Output 2A @ 5VDC for 3.5 hours;
10A @ 12VDC for 20 minutes;
3.5A @ 19VDC for 30 minutes
Battery Design 1A @ 12VDC
Starting Current 200A
Peak Current 400A
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