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Exit Sign - LED - 2DZF ♪♫

Model Number Battery
XKL Call for info
Integrated Solid State System
Constant Current,
Controlled Automatic Charger Circuit
Low-Voltage Battery Cutoff
Brownout Sensitivity
120/277 VAC Operation
Maximum Input Rating
(120 or 277VAC) 1.7 Watts Standard
Light-Emitting Diodes 25+ Year Life
Illuminates with Uniform Color and Brightness
Indirect Placement for Diffused Legend Output
Increased LED Brightness Level in Emergency Mode
optional 6W Adjustable Lamp Heads (2)
Sealed Nickel Cadmium Battery
10-Year Battery Warranty
optional attachment lamps:
2EXKL: Sealed Lead Calcium Battery
5-Year Battery Warranty
$34.95 CALL NOW!
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