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Exit Sign - LED - 2DZF

exit sign
Model Number Battery
DZF-PAR (1) S65
Integrated Solid State System
Multi-Rate, Controlled, Automatic Charger
Lock Out (Automatic Battery Connect)
Low-Voltage Battery Cutoff
Brownout Sensitivity
Dual-Voltage Transformer for
120/277 VAC Operation
Maximum Input Rating
120VAC 60 Hz 0.20 Amps
277VAC 60 Hz 0.20 Amps
Light-Emitting Diodes 25+ Year Life
2DZF-PAR PAR-36 Type
High-Intensity Tungsten Lamps, 6-Watt
2DZF-MR MR-16 Type
Halogen Lamps, 5-Watt
Sealed Lead Calcium Battery
6 Volt Operation
Maintenance Free
$69.95 CALL NOW!
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